The Earnings of an Escort

Just like any other work, sex work also requires hard work. Compared to the other professions, it is the most draining one. Many people look at them as people who are not morally upright.

Escorts earn differently; some would earn higher than the rest while some can earn lower than others. And this is determined by the region where one operates in or the extents which she is willing to go with his client.

Some earn a lot from anal, while those who only go for vaginal penetration may be given lower pay. When it comes to regions, there are regions where clients are known to pay a little while some regions have clients that dish out a lot of money. What does this mean then? It means that there is no fixed amount of money an escort earns in a day or a month. Some days may have few clients while some days may have more clients. There are a number of things that affect the earnings of Escorts.

Many people earn their living through sex work. And it is important for everyone to respect each other’s profession, you do not know why someone is doing something because you have not been in her life and you do not know what she went through before you met.

If they find it a comfortable profession that pays their bills, then you should let them be. Most escorts do not use their earnings on drinking and partying, most of them have several family problems that they always sort using the money they have earned from it.

Some of them can go to an extra mile filming the action which comes with an extra charge as well. The seasons with few clients are morally tough for some of them, and that is why most of them embark on side hassles to make their ends meet.

Some Escorts can as well earn by just giving their clients company. They do not have to sleep together to be paid; this is because some clients are just after the company. Some of their clients may also go to them just to get a massage and some slight kissing; not all clients are after sex. And this is what everyone should know, going out with an escort does not mean the two of you should have sex together, there are a lot of things you can do together.

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