Terms and Conditions



Site: 'Site' refers to any and all content accessed through the URL www.socishout.com as well as all of its subpages.


User: 'User' generally refers to the subscriber of this Site, but may also refer to any individual who browses, navigates or submits information electronically to the Site.


Agreement: 'Agreement' refers to any and all conditions listed herein as well as those listed elsewhere on the Site. These conditions may include but are not exclusive to privacy practices, billing practices, services and general terms of use.


Personal Information: 'Personal Information' refers to any and all data and information that is personally identifiable with the User, including but not exclusive to names, pseudonyms, passwords, addresses, contact details, telephone numbers and electronic media account credentials.




By accessing and using this Site, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provisions of this Agreement. In addition, when using this Site’s particular services, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services, which may be posted and modified from time to time with or without notice to the User. If the User fails to adhere with the rules and guidelines outlined in the Agreement, they may be subject to suspended or terminated access to the Site and its features with or without warning. Any participation in this Site and its services will constitute acceptance of this Agreement. If you do not agree to abide by the above, please do not use this Site and its services.


Privacy Policy


Whenever you will be using our website, we at SociShout might ask you for providing us with some personal information, which we will be using to contact or identify you as and when needed.

The Log Data will be including some information like IP (Internet Protocol) address of your computer, type of browser you are using, version of the browser, website pages you would have visited, time and date when you visited, as well as time spent on those web pages, amongst few of the statistics.

Keeping your personal information secure is of utmost importance to us. But, at the same time we would like to bring to your notice that any method of transmission on the internet is never completely secure. We try our best to protect all your personal information, using the best commercial means available in the market. However, we do not offer any guarantee about the security of your data.

The privacy policy listed here is in effect from 30-10-2016. Any changes in the policy and its provisions will be posted on this page, and will come into effect as soon as it gets posted on the page.
SociShout reserves the right to bring any update/change in these policies during any point of time. It is the sole responsibility of the users to check this page from time to time to stay updated on these policies. By continuing to use our service after modifications in our Privacy Policy, you will be acknowledging the modifications and we will hold your content for abiding by the changed policies.





This Site serves as a third party platform for publication of content over various electronic networks. However, the Site may experience interruptions in service from time to time due to planned maintenance, unforeseen technical problems and/or other issues that may interfere with content-posting, scheduling and/or any or all other services included in the Agreement as well as those listed on the Site.


This Site often distributes data over various networks to third party platforms on a scheduled basis, but cannot be held liable for delays or other malfunctions on behalf of those third parties.


The User must possess all necessary copyrights to the content that they publish via this Site. By using this Site and its features, the User agrees to allow the Site to publish and distribute the User's intellectual property freely and without legal consequence. It is the responsibility of the User to adhere with agreements of third party services and networks to which they distribute content and data through this Site. This Site, as well as its owners, administrators, affiliates and employees, cannot be held liable for non-adherence with terms and agreements arranged with third party entities accessed through this Site on behalf of the User.


Subscription and Payment


Subscription to the Site allows access to all features therein outlined in the initial subscription plan. These features may be updated from time to time with or without warning or notification from the Site's administrators to the User.


The User shall be billed for access to this Site and its features starting on the date of the User's initial subscription. The User's payment information will then be stored for further automatic billing on a regular basis. The User's payment account will be perpetually billed on the same numerical day of every month, unless that number exceeds the amount of days in a given month, in which case automatic billing will occur on the final day of that month (for example: if the User's subscription to the Site is initiated on August 31, the next two automatic billing dates will be September 30 and October 31).




The User's subscription to the Site can be cancelled at any time, with or without warning, by the Site's administrators at their sole discretion. Reasons for terminating the User's subscription to the Site may include but are not exclusive to payment discrepancy, violation of this Agreement or other abuses as seen fit by the Site's administrators.


Subscription to this Site may be cancelled at any time and for any reason by the User. Once the User cancels their subscription, they have 30 days thereafter to use the Site and its features. Once those 30 days have lapsed, the User will then be denied access to the Site and its features until their subscription is re-activated or a new subscription is initiated on their behalf.